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Darrel is worried about his father Michael.  The last few months Michael’s memory has sharply declined.  Every morning Darrel makes sure that Dad has breakfast and every evening he checks on to make sure Dad is okay.  Although Dad swears he always takes his medications, Darrel notices some pills still remain in the pill box at the end of the week. Darrel realizes he needs help.  He does not want Dad to move yet, but Darrel is not sure how he can keep Dad safe in his absence.   What choices does Darrel have?  Should Dad move to a community?  What are the other options? 


Leslie and her husband Ted reside in an assisted living community.  Prior to moving to the community, Leslie was Ted’s primary caregiver.  After several months Ted was moved to Memory Care.  This past month Ted made several trips to the hospital.  Leslie is continually worried about his care.  The manager assures her that everything was going to be okay.  What are her options?  Can Ted go back to the assisted living Community for rehabilitation? Should Ted move to a nursing home?  Should Ted have Home Care inside of the assisted living community?   


Suzie is frustrated.  Three weeks after placing her sister in an assisted living she was informed that her sister is exhibiting behaviors that should be monitored in a nursing home.  The assisted living transferred her sister to the hospital and will not be taking her sister back.  Should Suzie move her sister to a nursing home behavioral unit?  Should Suzie hire a one on one home care assistant?  Would another secured memory care community be able to work with her sister? How long should it take her sister to adjust to the new community?

Do these stories sound familiar? Many Washington county families experience similar situations every day. The fact is not all assisted living properties offer the same level of care. This can be a confusing process in an already stressful situation. Your choice is personal for your loved one and everyone’s situation is unique. 

Owned and operated by local professionals in the Senior Care Services, New Beginning Senior Living is here to help provide resource, support, and information on Elder Care options in Washington County. Our motto is “Helping Senior’s Home”.   We help families navigate the difficult decisions of Senior Care.  What is right for your neighbor is not necessarily what is right for you.  We are a free referral service to the families; our compensation is received from communities across Washington County.

 KC Ryerson, the CEO of New Beginning Senior Living has a history and a continued goal to serve the seniors and their families of Washington County.   KC is an Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator, her Support Group will meet at the Washington County Free Library on Wednesday Dec. 11 @ 12:00pm.  KC is the founder of the First Memory Café in Maryland.  The Hagerstown Memory Café will meet at “Always’s Ron’s” on Thursday, Dec. 19 @ 12pm.  KC is also the founder and President of Hagerstown Coffee Talk, www.hagerstowncoffeetalk.com ; a networking group for businesses who service the seniors in Washington County.   Please contact KC Ryerson at email: kc@nbseniorliving.com , phone: 240-329-2995, or www.newbeginningseniorliving.com for more information.

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